“Doggo Models Wanted!

Is your doggie the best doggie of all of the doggies? Is your dog THE CUTEST DOG EVER IN THE WORLD?! Enter the Best Dog Ever Model contest and show the world why your pup is the best of them all!

Auditions: 1-3 pm only

The Look: A dog, who is the cutest, bestest dog, that behaves like Cesar Milan is watching at all times.

Following the auditions, your pup’s headshot will be entered into a contest for who is the cutest dog of all time. If your dog wins, the dog will receive a photo session at Finkanie Photography’s studio where a one-of-a-kind artwork piece will be made with your dog, and a keepsake heirloom product with the artwork commemorating their glory.


Dogs must be able to perform basic commands (sit; down; no; stay a huge plus). Please expect to keep dog leashed the duration of the session unless otherwise advised. Dogs must be friendly with strangers. Results are not guaranteed and depend on the cooperation of the dog.


Festival activities include but are not limited to:

  • Off-leash dog park

  • K9 Splash Area

  • Dog Grooming

  • Paw-dicures

  • Doggie Massages

  • Dog Training

  • Adopt-a-dog

  • Puppy play area

  • Live Music

  • Hot dog eating contest

  • Dog and owner costume contest

  • Agility course

  • Professional photo area